So why not just use Thingiverse or another 3D print collection site? I started this website for several reasons:

  • Thingiverse has become very unstable and slow, sometimes even unusable. You can’t even be sure that the site will load properly from day to day. Posting a design has become cumbersome, it takes me about an hour every time I want to post a design — not because of the content, but because I have to start over 5 times, saving is really slow, and 3/4 of the time when I try to save there’s an error.
  • Many of the designs posted on design collection sites are just models, there’s no photos and they’ve obviously never been printed.
  • Tool accessories is a small category and it’s hard to look through pages and pages of designs to find what you need.

So what is going to make this site different:

  • All the designs on the site will be printed and tested before being posted. All posts will be edited for clarity.
  • There will be actual photos of the designs. Lots of high quality photos
  • There will be a narrow scope. I’m going to limit the entries to tool accessories which include: accessories, storage, and organization.