Selling My Designs

If you want to sell my designs, you need to adhere to the license you see below. If you click on the image or text, it will bring you to a page explaining what the license means in simple language.

This license is displayed under the first photo of every design page on this site. It is also on all of my designs listed through Thingiverse, Printables, and will be on any other site I use in the future.

How does this apply to my designs? You can copy and redistribute my files or prints made from my files either for free or for a price. BUT you must list me as the designer, and you must release any remixes of my designs under this same license.

To break it down further: you must attribute me as the creator of the design anywhere you list it for sale. A simple “designed by Benjamen Johnson” is acceptable, but a link to the page on this site (or Thinigiverse, Printables, etc) where the design is listed is preferred. You must also freely distribute any remix or derivative of my designs. At a minimum you should do this on request, but I would prefer you release them on a 3D prints aggregator such as Thingiverse.


You can be granted exceptions to the terms of this license by simply asking me via my contact page. If you look at several of the vendors on my Purchasing page, you will see that I have granted them certain exceptions to both the “Attribution” and “Share-Alike” terms.


If you follow the terms of the license, or if you ask for and are granted exceptions, I will consider promoting your business as somewhere people can buy my designs. Again contact me with a link to your site and I will evaluate whether I will promote it.

I will not promote sites that aren’t printing with the appropriate filaments. For example do not expect me to promote you if you are printing my Packout bins in PLA. That is an inappropriate material for the amount of heat generated outside in a Packout organizer. Customers have complained to vendors about their PLA bins warping and it makes the entire 3D printing industry look bad.