How to Purchase These 3D Printed Designs

Packout Trays for Dewalt Bit Holders

I do not sell any of my designs. I provide the 3D models for free to anybody that can print them. You can find most of my designs on Thingiverse under my profile page:

That said, you may not own a 3D printer and are wondering how you can purchase actual printed products.

Earlier in 2019, I wrote this article over on

Approved Vendors

The following is a list of vendors who have my express permission* to sell my designs.

*Note: You don’t need my express permission to sell these designs, but in that case you must abide by the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. This means you must give credit to the creator (not infer that the design is your own), provide a copy of the license (or at least mention it so people can google it), and use the same license if you modify the design.

The Jake Of All

The Jake of All prints and sells several of my Milwaukee and Dewalt designs over on his store. Jake ships both in the USA and internationally.

Swanky Storage

Another option to buy some of my designs is to purchase them from Swanky Storage. They have a vendor page on is based out of the UK, but I believe they ship internationally also.



Brock_Printing_Solutions also sells several of my designs on eBay and ships in the United States and several places internationally.

Indy Precision Printing

Indy Precision Printing

Indy Precision Printing is selling several of my designs on their website.

Superior Organizer Solutions

Superior Organizer Solutions is a UK based 3D printing outfit offering products for Dewalt, Festool, Makita, Milwaukee, and ToughBuilt.

3D Technologies

3D Technologies
3D Technologies

3D Technologies prints a variety of my products along with some other unique and customizable items.

Dennis Smallbone Prints

Dennis Smallbone Prints
Dennis Smallbone Prints

Dennis sells many of my designs along with his own original designs.