Dewalt TSTAK Bit Tray Wall Mount

Dewalt TSTAK Bit Tray Wall Mount on Pegboard


I really like the trays I designed for the TSTAK and thought they would be a good way to organize bits in my shop, so I designed this TSTAK bit tray holder mount to mount on the wall.

The mounting holes are spaced in a 3″ by 5″ grid, so if you use plastic wall anchors you can mount the holder to pegboard like shown below. 

Dewalt TSTAK Bit Tray Wall Mount on Pegboard 3

This wall holder also allows you to easily remove the tray and take it with you and of course the tray fits into the large sized TSTAK bin.


Printer: Prusa i3 MK3
Slicer: Cura Slicer
Material: Inland PET-G
Resolution: 0.2mm with a 0.4mm nozzle
Wall Lines/Perimeters: 3
Infill: 10% Gyroid
Notes: In Cura I found that printing this with 3 wall lines gave a better print time than 2 (3 hours 21 minutes vs. 5 hours and 7 minutes). I believe this is because with 2 wall lines, the Cura wants bridge the gap between in the walls with diagonal fill which takes longer than drawing another line.

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