Intermediate Packout Bins for Milwaukee Bit Holders (BunkBin)

Packout Intermediate Bin 1


So you really like the organizational capabilities of the Packout low profile bins with mounting holes for the Milwaukee bit holders, but you want to use them in the full height Packout organizers. Now you can, introducing the BunkBin, and intermediate sized bin that allows you to stack the low profile bins in the full height packout.

Packout Intermediate Bin 3What’s more is that it has not two, but three rows of mounting holes to get even more holders into one bin.

You can find the top bin here.


Printer: Prusa i3 MK3
Slicer: Cura Slicer
Material: Inland PET-G
Resolution: 0.2mm with a 0.4mm nozzle
Wall Lines/Perimeters: 2
Infill: 10% Gyroid
Notes: This is going to take a while to print. I’m seeing over 9 hours.


  1. I’m also using Cura (different printer though) and with my print settings matching yours above it says it will take 14 hours to print. Would you mind sharing more details of your print file?

    By the way, I’m new to 3d printing. I bought my printer especially to print these boxes and a few other ideas I have. Thank you for sharing your designs.

    1. So I’m actually seeing 12 hours to print using the above settings. I think I actually used a different layer height when I got the 9+ hours. It also could be your printer is slower…

      You could try printing 0.3mm layer height, that should speed up your print. I’ve been using that layer height for most of my new prints (except bit holders) and I haven’t really noticed any drop in quality. I’d really recommend 3 perimeters too, 2 is the bare minimum. When I use those settings I’m seeing a little under 9 hours.

      1. I would also recommend a .8mm nozzle or large for these types of prints. I have been printing larger items like for a week now with one and it’s really helped get these larger yet simpler items made.

        1. Have you done this with a bunk bin or regular bin bin? I’m just curious if there’s any issue with the bit holders with the “lower resolution” holes and slots on the side.

          I have a 0.6mm nozzle that I haven’t tried yet. I just don’t like changing things like nozzles when things are printing perfectly.

  2. im trying to find the long bins for a low profile organizer with one divider the long way in the bin not across the middle. is there any out there??

    1. Hi Robert, If you’re still in need of these custom bins let me know and I can help you out.

  3. Hey there. I have been checking out your stuff here (and via Jake of All) for a while now and love your innovations. I had a few questions about the Bunk Bin and it’s stacking abilities with other bins. For context, I am actually interested in having some bit bins in a standard Packout Tool Box (48-22-8424). Not the Compact Organizer nor the low Profile Organizer. I know it’s dimensions aren’t made to nestle on to any of the walls of the Standard Tool Box – I would just make a cut out for it in some foam. Two questions: 1) roughly speaking, what is the length and width of the bunk bin? For my planning purposes. 2) Do two of the square slim bit bins that you designed stack on the bunk bin? Or only the rectangular slim bit bin that is the same length/width as the bunk bin? Thanks!

    1. 1) 195mm x96mmx57mm give or take a few mm.
      2) The square bins really don’t stack well because there’s not much to support them, they tend to fall in towards the middle. It was really designed to be used with the rectangular bins.

    1. No the black bin is taller than the orange bin. The orange bin fits in the low profile Packout organizer, the black bin allows you to use the orange bin in the full height Packout organizer. The height inside the full height organizer it more than twice the height inside the low profile organizer.

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