Slim Packout Bins for Milwaukee Bit Holders

Slim Packout Bins Hero Shot


Note: These are not a new design. I’ve just moved them to my site because Thingiverse has decided that it’s not going to let people download these for some reason.

These two low profile Packout bins are designed to accept the Milwaukee bit holders that come in their accessory cases. I’ve created two STL files that you can download and print: one small bin and one long bin.

The holders store flat in the bins and can be rotated 90° to access the bits. The bins have two rows of mounting holes, but you can’t have one holder directly below another, they need to be offset by 2 or 3 holes.

In the long bin photo I show above, the 2″ driver bits touch the longer drill bits, but they still lay flat enough that the lid will close.

Wear on Milwaukee Bit Holders

The only issue that I’ve found with the bins is that they tend to scratch some material off the ends of the holders, I’m not sure if that’s because I printed them in PET-G or that maybe I should have used a smaller layer size than 0.2mm, but then they’d take longer to print.

UPDATE: Here are customizable bit holders for these bins



Printer: Prusa i3 MK3
Slicer: Cura Slicer
Material: Inland PET-G
Resolution: 0.2mm with a 0.4mm nozzle
Wall Lines/Perimeters: 3
Infill: Minimum 20% Gyroid. The higher infill percentage the stronger the part.
Notes: I printed these in PET-G and used a 20% Gyroid fill because I find PET-G doesn’t do well with fill patterns that overlap like grid.


  1. do you have a design that doesnt incorporate the bit holders? I would just like to be able to stack bins for in a deep organizer for finish nails as an example. I assume the bit holder bins would do the job, and I am not sure if adding the extra depth on the bins adds any additional value if I were not using the bit holders? Really impressive designs! Thanks alot for your time.

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