Locking Foot for Milwaukee Packout

Milwaukee Packout Locking Foot Locked in Place


This is just the page for the Milwaukee Packout locking foot. Accessories are posted elsewhere on this site.

I started working on this idea for a Locking Packout Foot, several months ago. It’s the most complicated mechanism I’ve designed to date. It required designing my own Packout foot, finding a gear library for openSCAD, and iterating through many designs before I had something ready to release.


The Locking Packout Foot is actuated by rotating a shaft on top. The shaft connects to a gear which rides along a rack on the locking part of the foot. As you turn the shaft the foot travels along the lock until it fully engages the tabs on the Packout pocket. At this point a spring loaded pin locks into a detent in the shaft to keep the foot in place.

The gears are created using a public domain library written by Leemon Baird over on Thinigverse.

I have posted 2 versions: one with a weaker spring and one with a stronger spring. I’ve also posted a zip file with the three parts separated into STL files for each individual component. I recommend the thicker spring version if you are going to print in PETG.


Link to Packout Locking Foot Model at github

Printer: Prusa i3 MK3
Slicer: Cura Slicer
Material: Inland PET-G
Resolution: 0.2mm with a 0.4mm nozzle
Wall Lines/Perimeters: 3
Infill: Minimum 10% Gyroid. The higher infill percentage the stronger the part.
Notes: You need to enable supports to print this. It is important that the underside of the foot is completely flat and smooth enough for the gear and lock to move against it.


The provided STL has all three parts (the foot, the lock, and the gear/shaft) you need for making the lock all laid out and ready to print. If you want to print the part individually, you need to create your own STL by customizing the scad file I provide.

To assemble it insert the gear/shaft into the foot and rotate the shaft o the point where the two “half moons” line up.

Then push the lock into the foot until the spring pin locks into the shaft. This is the locked position.

Now turn the shaft until the back of the lock meets the foot. This is the unlocked position.

Milwaukee Packout Locking Foot

You’ll notice that the underside of the gear has a hexagonal cutout. This is to house a 8-32 nut that is used to attach accessories to the top of the locking foot.


    1. Packouts are held in place by several feet and a latch at the front. What if you want to use something just the size of one foot? There is no way to latch it in place securely. The locking foot does that. If you look at the gallery, I have three possible uses.

  1. What material do you find best works for printing these accessories.
    Thanks for your work its great

  2. PET-G. PLA warps at a surprisingly low temperature, like inside a truck on a warm day. PET-G does NOT warp at low temperatures.

    If you are capable of printing ABS parts without warping issues then that is also a great choice, but PET-G is usually much easier to print.

  3. For anyone wondering, a flathead m5x20 (with nut) works perfectly in the place of the 8-32 hardware listed above.

    1. Yes, it can produce the cup holder, but it also creates the Locking Foot. There is a variable called “part” You can switch the number to create the different parts. You can either do this manually in the code or open up the customizer tab (uncheck “hide customizer” in the window menu if you don’t see it)and select the part of the locking foot you want to print.

  4. Hey if I were to buy this could I screw it into my bigger water bottle (64oz) with a gasket and washer and still have the ability to twist lock it in?

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