Milwaukee Packout Turn Lock Accessories

Milwaukee Packout Turn Lock Magnetic Cup


Based on the base of the Packout Tumbler, these accessories fit into the Packout receivers on top of the toolboxes and organizers. Unfortunately due to the way Milwaukee designed the wall brackets, these accessories will not lock into them. They also will not work with many of the after market brackets that don’t duplicate the shape of the receiver on the organizers exactly.

The turn lock accessories drop into the receiver and twist clockwise to lock into place. To remove them you just twist the base counter-clockwise.

The camera mount base is designed to be used with any camera, level, or other accessory that uses a 1/4-20 universal mount.

The magnetic parts holder is designed to be used in either the horizontal or vertical position. For instance you can mount it on top of an organizer in your stack and when you remove the organizer and carry it vertically the parts will stay in the holder.

There are three different STL files for the magnetic parts holder. each is designed for a different size and type of magnet, I have provided sources for the magnets in the Instructions section.


Turn Lock Camera Base.stl
Turn Lock Parts Holder 30mm Magnet.stl
Turn Lock Parts Holder 52mm Magnet.stl
Turn Lock Parts Holder 60mm Magnet.stl

V1.0.0 All Files Including openSCAD Model

Printer: Prusa i3 MK3
Slicer: PrusaSlicer
Material: Inland PET-G
Resolution: 0.3 mm with a 0.4mm nozzle
Wall Lines/Perimeters: 3
Infill: Minimum 20% Gyroid. The higher infill percentage the stronger the part.
Notes: Supports are required for camera mount base. Use a 1/2″ diameter support enforcer for the hole if possible. No supports should be required for the parts holder, but a small cylindrical support enforcer in the center of the magnet hole couldn’t hurt


Camera Mount Base

Milwaukee Packout Turn Lock Camera Mount Base Underside

For the camera mount base all you need is a 1/2″ long 1/4-20 screw or bolt (and possibly a washer) so you can interface with any Universal 1/4-20 mount.

30mm Magnet Base

Milwaukee Packout Turn Lock Magnetic Cup 30mm Magnet Base

Using two 30mm magnets stacked together, the magents will pull both inside the tray and out the bottom so you can stick the tray to any ferromagnetic surface.

The magnets both press fit into the bottom hole.

The magnets I’ve sourced say they are 32mm, but they are actually 30mm in diameter.

Magnet Source: Amazon (Black), Amazon (Silver)

52mm Magnet Base

Milwaukee Packout Turn Lock Magnetic Cup 52mm Magnet Base

This magnet only pulls from one direction. You can either position it so that the magnetic pulls inside the cup, or out the bottom to stick to ferromagnetic surfaces.

The magnet press fits into the bottom hole.

Magnet Source: Home Depot

60mm Donut Magnet Base

Milwaukee Packout Turn Lock Magnetic Cup 60mm Donut Magnet Base

This is the cheapest option and in my opinion the best options. You purchase a $3 Harbor Freight 4″ magnetic parts tray and scavenge the 60mm ring magnet.

The magnet press fits into the base and pulls both in the cup and out the bottom.

Magnet source: Harbor Freight 4″ Magnetic Parts Tray


  1. Do you see a way to modify the print that would allow the twist lock to work with the vertical mounted wall Packout plates?

    I don’t have a good enough understanding of the packout wall mount differences vs the containers to understand how a design might need to be modified.

    Thank you!


    1. Not without destroying the ability to lock into other receivers. The pockets in wall mount plates are too deep. I have though about making inserts that would sit in the bottom pocket on the plates that would allow them to accept the twist lock, but haven’t gotten around to it. You could probably make a wood shim and tape it in the bottom to make it work.

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