Packout 20oz Tumbler Handle

Holding the Packout Tumbler by the Handle


This is a handle for the 20oz Packout Tumbler. Before you print this please follow the instructions below to make sure the handle will fit properly.

There is one compromises I have found using the handle so far. To make the handle long enough to fit your entire hand and keep the handle away from the lip of the tumbler where you drink, the handle is long enough to interfere with the tumbler fit in some cup holders.

Packout Tumbler in Cup Holder

Above you can see the handle prevents the tumbler from sitting flat in the cup holder of my CR-V. The simple fix is to spin the cup around so the handle is in the space of the second cup holder.

I’ve included three STLs. The calibration ring is for getting the fit of the handle right, look to the instructions for more information. The “Window Away ” STL file will display the logo facing outward when grip the handle with your right hand as pictured in the feature photograph. The “Window Facing” STL will display the logo toward you as you hold the handle with your right hand.


Printer: Prusa i3 MK3
Slicer: PrusaSlicer
Material: Inland PET-G
Resolution: 0.3 mm with a 0.4mm nozzle
Wall Lines/Perimeters: 2
Infill: 20% Gyroid
Notes: Please print the calibration ring first. The openSCAD render time was about 7-8 minutes for me, be patient.


Print the calibration ring first! Since the handle is a friction fit on a tapered surface, it is very important that inner surface of the handle matches the outer surface of the tumbler — tiny changes in diameter will affect where the handle sits on the cup. Failing to account for this, the window might not show the logo correctly or worse the handle will stick above the lip of the cup.

Use the same print settings for the calibration ring as you plan for the handle. The calibration ring is designed to be printed upside down to match how the handle is printed (just import it into the slicer, you shouldn’t have to change orientation). Wait an hour for the ring to cool before you flip the calibration ring so the smoothest side is up and slide it onto the tumbler.

Packout Tumbler Calibration Ring

Push the ring up to where it starts to grab the cup and then pull it upwards a few more millimeters using a light amount of force, making sure it is level. The ring should almost cover the top of the “K” in Milwaukee. Don’t worry if you are off a few millimeters in either direction, the window has some extra margin around the perimeter.

If the ring is more than a few millimeters off, measure the how far away the top of the ring is from the top of the K. There are two ways you can adjust the fit.

  • Add or subtract that number (in mm) to the “ring_height_adj” variable in the openSCAD model. Add the number to raise the ring, subtract to lower it.
  • Scale the entire handle by a scale factor. Make sure you have all the axes locked together. increasing the scale by 0.5% will move the ring up about 12mm. You’ll have to do a little proportional math.

Once the ring is almost on top of the “k”, the handle should sit in the correct place on the mug.


    1. Sorry for the late reply, getting over a bad cold.

      I don’t have any immediate plans for the 30oz. Although I find the 20oz too small at times, I don’t think I will upgrade to the 30oz, because I’m not really pleased with the lid. It leaks for me and is harder to drink from than I’d like. I’m much more likely to just buy another brand cup and glue the Turn-lock base I made to it.

      That said you could probably just scale the above handle in the X&Y planes.

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